Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Aunt Kate, PhD.

I made my first trip to the West Coast to visit my Aunt Kate. She is so smart that now she is a doctor. She is the best kind of doctor, the kind that can't give shots! Now when she writes her name, she has to add 3 more letters, PhD.

I worked really hard to be a good boy on the long plane rides and I did a good job. As soon as I got to California, Aunt Kate gave me a doggie! I wanted to bring it everywhere we went, but my mom and dad wouldn't let me. I gave Aunt Kate a shirt too...I went to the book store and got a UCLA shirt for me, and a UCLA alumni for Aunt Kate. I had such a good time. Aunt Kate helped me use crayons to make a picture of "dots". Then we went to a aquarium and I got to pet fish. One of my favorite things was brunch at the 50's diner. I loved the old music SO much that I couldn't stop dancing. My mom and Aunt Kate laughed so hard because I am such a good dancer. Even the waitress knew it.

I am glad to be home because I am an East Coast little boy, but I am so glad to have made the trip. I can't wait for Aunt Kate to visit me in a couple of weeks.