Monday, March 22, 2010

Tummy and Teeth

These photos pretty much sum up our life right now. C is getting to be great on his tummy...he has figured out that he needs to roll over and get on his tummy to grab toys. He has the strength to hold up his head and grab for toys. He hasn't quite figured out the scootch/start to crawl...but it is funny to see his feet go kick kick kicking...just he is ready to swim away. And when he isn't in a good mood, it is because of the 2 little teeth trying to come in. Funny that these pictures were taken minutes from each other. Gotta love the facial expressions!

Friday, March 19, 2010


The other night I was getting C dressed and I saw his reach for his foot and right as I was saying, "hey, you can't put your foot in your mouth", he did. Easily. So he showed me! I was about to stop him when Matt said, "we just gave him a bath, let him do it. He won't be able to do this forever." Good point.
Speaking of things that SHOULD be in his mouth. We are now in week 2 (I think?) of trying foods. First was rice cereal, and this past week has been sweet potatoes. We are all still figuring this out. Tomorrow "baby gourmet" will be featuring Acorn Squash. We'll see! When I registered for the Cuisinart, I never pictured this, but it is fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Running on Empty

Remember back in the day (high school days) when you thought nothing about just putting a couple of dollars worth of gas in the car, because you didn't want to spend a lot of babysitting money and you figured it would get you where you wanted to go? (Now for those of you that know me well know that I didn't drive much in high school, but the scenario still applies...just picture me pitching in the couple of bucks to get to rehearsal). Anyway...

Flash forward to today. We are about 2 months into being a 2 car family, and overall the transition has been ok, except for the occasional fear that our car might speed up at any given moment. (Thanks, Toyota. But thank you more to the Japanese plan that built our particular car, which is supposedly safe).

So I was driving home from work to pick up C from daycare and happily thinking that traffic is unusually low so I will get there a little early, when I notice a lit up icon in my new car. It is an orange gas pump. Next to my gas gauge, which is at "E'.

I immediately panic. This car fears, which had been about out of control-ness, are now replaced with nightmares of, "what happens when my car just stops on the highway?" Who is going to get C? How am I going to get to him, and then home? How did neither Matt or I notice this?" I start listening for warning sounds that my car might give before totally sputtering out. And did I mention that there are not a lot of gas stations near us? Luckily I made it to one (albeit a full serve, who cares at this point). And I am pretty sure I will never forget to check the gas gauge again!

(On the same night, after feeling proud that I was able to feed and bathe C, eat my own dinner, and do a load of laundry before Matt came home from class, I was upset to learn that our dryer conked out. Only to have Matt point out when he got home that the dryer was fine, I just didn't close the door the other way. I clearly was not on top of my game that day!)

On a side note, this picture of C features a pair of overalls we got from a good Chicago friend. When he was first born, we looked at the 12 month size thinking, "gosh, when will he wear these?" The answer is 6 months and 4 days! I love that he is holding the little blue ring...whether its the size, color, or texture, this is the only ring from the ring toss that he is interested in. He sends the rest of them flying, and this one goes right into the mouth!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asleep, Awake, and Popular

These photos pretty much speak for themselves, in terms of the title for this post. The "awake" photo is out trial run of the high chair. C has his 6 month appointment this week, and after than we are going to start feeding him baby foods. He seems to like this chair, and I am sure he will like it even more when he gets to eat. He now lunges and grabs at bottles, and stares at the food while we eat. So it is probably time. I have a cute little book of how to make my own baby food, supposedly it only takes 30 minutes a week. I am going to try it, but not limit myself...Gerber must have made a good name for themselves for a reason.
The popular part of this post is a funny interaction I had a daycare last week. I was dropping C off, and I ran into a woman that looked familiar, but is not one of the 3 teachers that C has in his "infant" room. She introduced herself as one of the Toddler teachers, and when I told her who I was and C, she said, "Oh, I know C...I have heard a LOT about him."
Which of course made me think," what on earth could you have heard about a 6 month old?"
She followed that with, "He is so handsome".
Which of course I agree with!
I am guessing that she has heard what a cuddly, talky, smiley, giggly guy he is, because that is what the teachers tell us. Or it could be about messy diapers, as grandpa joked when I told him this story. But I will stick to imagining cuddly and cooing.