Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going Out to Eat

There were many great things about C's first Christmas, but the focus of this post is going out to eat. My sister graciously babysat for C so that I could take Matt out for a belated birthday lunch. It occured to me that since becoming a parent, I have viewed going out to eat in two entirely different ways than before.

1. I make it count!
We chose the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner (we hadn't been there since). We got dressed up. When my brother noticed I was wearing jewelry that he gave me for Christmas and asked ," whoa, where are you going?" my response was, "we hardly go out, I need to make it count!" For those that have shared meals with me, this is very different. I used to be happy going to the same places all the time (i.e. Friendlys, Northsides in Chicago). Now I sometimes what to change things up a little!

2. I want something I can't make for myself any day of the week
In the same vein as going to the same places, I used to always order the same things because they are my go to favorites (turkey sandwiches, chicken parm). Until I realized that I make those things for myself at home. So for lunch this time? Wild mushroom ravioli. There is no way I am making myself fresh pasta in the near future! This is also the reason that Matt and I ordered Krispy Kreme bread pudding and a bacon brownie on our last trip to New Orleans. Where else are we going to eat that? When Matt and I were living in Chicago, we went through a long stretch of going to the same pub for dinner Friday nights. When I think about how many miniburger, fries, and beers I ordered without even thinking about it, it just makes me laugh. Not that I regret it...those days were great, and these days are great...just funny how life with C has made me a little more adventurous in my free time!

Monday, December 21, 2009

On the 4th day of Matt's trip, my true love gave to me...

I am happy to report that C and I survived Matt's 4-day business trip, which happened to coincide with my second week back at work. While it wasn't easy, and we missed Matt a ton, it felt good to get through it...and to know that most work weeks will never be that hard (hopefully!)

So in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 parts to our 4 days without Matt:

12 bottles pumping
11 mph driving (darn Boston commute!)
10 minutes early (leaving work because of the darn commute!)
9 outfit changes
8 day care drop offs/pick ups
7 times giving drops (for a stuffy nose)
6 minutes crying (hates putting on winter clothes, see photo!)
5 minutes warming up the car (10 degrees. Really? Why this week?!?)
4 full days of day care
3 hours of sleep (before a "I have a cold so I would like to eat in the middle of the night" feeding)
2 pizza slices (shared with a good friend...what a way to get through the first night!)
1 accident report (Yes, on my very first pick up from day care I had to sign an accident report. Luckily it was just for a scratch that a 9 month old apparently left on C's forehead. I couldn't even see said scratch, so crisis averted.

Now the more fun countdown...3 more days til Matt's birthday and 4 days til our first Christmas with C!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Week Back

So, we survived my first week back at work. Granted, it was a 4 day week, but it counts. My worst fear wasn't realized...C does seem to still remember and love me. While it is really hard to send him to day care at all, I think we picked the right place for him. And I like that he gets to spend "Boys Friday" and "Guys Monday" home with Dad. Matt takes great care of him, and we realize that not every dad gets the chance to spend this kind of time at we are fortunate to take advantage of this now, before his career takes Matt's time away from C.
I did not cry at work, although I felt like there was a Megan cry watch last week. (I am absolutely not known for that, but I guess with so many new mom's here, they have come to expect it). I did use the "call us anytime" feature at day care on the day that this photo was taken. It was our first real snow flurry day...and it just didn't feel right to rush out and not spend more time with C. So, I called and got the update. What kind of update can you get for a 3 month old, you ask? It is about what you would expect. "He is having a great day. He ate at these times, slept at these times, and was changed at these times". Just a verbal update of what we have on a form at the end of the day. I am convinced that unless something is really wrong, that every report starts with, "your child had a great day." They are well attuned to the nerves and emotions of working parents (after all, they let you call in whenever you want!). Or I guess every day for a kid that little is when they get to eat and sleep.
Going back to work has made me really look forward to the weekend. Which on one hand is great. The only downside is that starting Saturday night, I started to get down about, "the weekend is almost over" So that will be a challenge.
This week I am on my own a lot...Matt is away 4 of the 5 work days. I feel like I am pulling all nighters, but very different from the college kind! I will update you next week on how I made out. My initial feeling right now is, why are movies like Baby Boom where the working mom is juggling a little baby around so popular? They aren't funny!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nope, not yet...

So we took C on his first plane ride to meet his family in New Orleans...two uncles, his aunt, his 3 cousins, and to catch up with his Mimi, who he hadn't seen since October. There are lots of stories to he was a superstar on both flights, how everyone loved him, how he traveled so well and slept soundly in a new place. But unfortunately, I have a feeling that when he is a teenager, we will all still refer to this first trip as "the time C didn't poop for 4 days."

Yes, this post is about poop.

I promise there won't be many like this, but this is the story of the week.

For those of you who have kids, I am sure you are all to aware about how much of your life is centered about number 2. I could have driven myself nuts following all of the parenting books the first couple of weeks, tracking every feeding and every diaper. I did for awhile...and was glad when that over attentive phase seemed to disappear.

Some of our friends have commented that we seem to be comfortable, natural new parents. I take that as a huge compliment. But I am the first to admit that the one area where we are more nervous than most is tummy things. On C's very first night in the hospital, he was taken to Children's Hospital for testing to rule out tummy problems. It ended up being a false alarm, but nonetheless really scary. So with tummy things, we don't freak out, but we do take advantage of the nurse line.

So back to our trip.

Our first afternoon there, he seemed a little fussy. I mentioned to Matt, "hmmm, I don't think he had a dirty diaper all day." I said this in front of my sister-in-law. We then told my mother-in-law, since she noticed that our usually happy guy was a little fussy. Then when my dad made his nightly phone call and heard him crying in the background, I told him.

As a result, for the next 3 days, every phone call between us, and every morning we all greeted each other with, "nope, not yet." I got an all business email from my dad that simply said "I hope C is feeling better" only to be told that night that there was hidden meaning in that email, and did I get it? (Yes, I did). We got a text message from my sister in California.

We called the nurses line twice, and were reassured that this is pretty normal.

It then became the big question: Where are we going to be when this finally happens?" Our fears were the plane. We were blessed with such a great flight down, was the return going to be the opposite?

The big event happened when we were having dinner at a friends house. The couple, who are trying to get pregnant, are renovating there house. Besides their dining table, the only furniture was a light suede couch and a big white bed. And the floors were bare concrete. Yes, I was scoping my options.

C was sitting on the floor next to me, and Matt across from me. Halfway through dinner, I think I hear something. Matt and I make eye contact...did-you-hear-what-I-heard. I start to laugh, and then we really hear something. And despite my cold, I smell something. I start laughing uncontrollably and excuse myself and my little guy...who by that point was all smiles.

I didn't care how hospitable this baby-wanting couple was...I went to their tile bathroom and avoided their bedroom at all costs!

So that was our first trip. We are now on day 2 of daycare, and I am back at work. I am really glad that we took this trip before work, so we could enjoy some family time, no matter how gastrointenstinally challenged our time was! We are hanging in there with the work transition...taking it day by day. I admit that I took advantage of their call in policy just to hear someone say to me, "yes, C is doing well today". Matt put a surprise song on my Ipod, an upbeat version of a song that I sing to C. It was very sweet...and I was smart enough to NOT listen to it on the way to work, but saved it for the trip home.

Can't wait for the weekend.