Monday, February 21, 2011

Love the Long Weekend

We had a great 4-day weekend. It started with a trip to the park for Mom, Dad, and C to enjoy some swings, slides, and warmer weather. Then we had a visit with Ba Ba, who brought an Ernie doll Valentine's present. C had Ba Ba read lots of books over and over again...BC Football, Goodnight Moon, and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. Everyone laughs when C wiggles his fingers in anticipation for "Ten Little Fingers". Today Mom and C went to the toy store and picked out a Valentine's toy from Mimi: a Sesame pop-up toy that sings 4 different songs. This is the first time ever that C insisted on holding a toy through the checkout line and in the car on the way home!

Other fun things that we have enjoyed recently:
  • His friend at daycare who greets him in the morning calling him "Kiss Fur"
  • C making sound effects when he plays with his trucks
  • His figuring out how to get all sorts of puzzle pieces in, especially the "oval" shape
  • His looking for the "MOOnnn" out the window every night
  • Nodding Yes Yes Yes
  • Lots of new words: Cookie, "I Want That", Car, Cup/(sometimes comes out "bup"