Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful and tired

C's first Thanksgiving was a busy but nice one. He loved meeting new friends and spending more time with family. He slept through the whole dinner, but brought the smiles and cooing for afterwards. Little things that I am thankful for:

that C knows to smile at his grandpa almost on cue

that C got to take a nice long nap on aunt kate

that I got to spend time with friends (while C slept through screaming adults and children...not quite sure how he managed that one!)

that I had this holiday to perfect my photo techniques before Christmas (only now realized I have a ton of photos of just C, and no candids of him with family...too busy enjoying the moments to capture them.)

that I didn't totally lose my mind when pushed to my limits (yes, breaking a glass and spilling pumpkin filling all over myself when baking a pie is ok...the day will still happen)

that Matt is so patient and supportive, even when he doesn't realize that he is. And that he stepped up and cooked a turkey breast the day after Thanksgiving, with only a couple of hours notice. With no complaints.

that we had a beautiful sunny day to take some photos in my mom's garden. One of many trips that C will take there.

We are tired, but geared up for our first plane trip to New Orleans to meet Matt's siblings. Wish us luck and safe travels.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

How Big I've Become...

Look at the changes that 11 weeks brings! While it is hard not to be a little sad that 11 weeks has gone by and that now work looms 2 weeks away, it is pretty amazing to realize how big C has gotten in the last 11 weeks. This top photo is from his first doctor's appointment when he was 4 days old. At the time he had already gained back his birth weight of over 8 pounds. He is now over 13 pounds and can smile! (Not that he was smiling when he got his shots, in fact he was screaming and crying. Who wouldn't be? Shots in the thighs are no fun).

It is also funny to think how much Matt and I have grown into being parents since this first doctors appointment too. Now we know which cry is "I'm starving" and which one is "I am tired but hate sleep, let's party!" We've gotten through diaper changes in the more challenging places (Mass Pike rest stop, Boston College ladies bathroom, Grandpa's office). And we each have our own special tricks to get him to smile.

I had one of my "really feels like a mom moment" around this doctors appointment. I got a call early one morning to reschedule, and when I answered my cell, the nurse said, "is this C's mom?" Probably the first of many times that I will be referred to as that! It felt strange but great.

Other things that I have been thinking about recently that I love about being C's mom:

  • That C is growing to be such a big, healthy and happy boy. His growing numbers make me happier (even when I get down about my not-so-quickly shrinking numbers! )
  • That our nurse says that he is so cute, and that he looks like me :)
  • That when he cries, the doctor says that he might miss the sound of his parents voices and their faces. And sure enough, he calms down when he sees us and we tell him it will be ok.
Already a lot to be thankful for. Can't wait for our first Thanksgiving this week.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

September 7, 2009...Labor Day Really!

C was born at 10:26 on Labor Day. His dad predicted that he would come on Labor Day, and his mom was SO glad that he came 3 days early. All was good after I decided an epidural was what I needed (it only took me 6 hours to figure that out!) This is the first photo of me with my boys.

This blog will be a way for me to capture some of the memories that we have already had, and hopefully take note of experiences as they happen. I am going to try and write an update each week.