Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had a great day full of family, good church "music", beach toys from the Easter bunny, and bunny cookies. C loved saying "hi" to all the babies at church, but was a little jealous of all the milk bottles around him (he was not happy to find that we did not bring a milk cup for him too!) At Easter dinner, C loved playing with toys both old and new, and liked showing off his new wagon to Ba Ba. C was so lucky to not only have the Easter bunny come to his house, but he also got special gifts in the mail from his Mimi and Aunts.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week at Mimi's

C had a great week at Mimi's house. He was so excited to visit that he was too excited to eat...he refused to eat for a whole day--that has never happened! Here are some of the many fun things that C did in New Orleans:
  • Saying "hi" to the ceiling fans
  • Getting new sneakers and outfits with Mimi
  • Easter bunny picture!
  • Petting the blue jay
  • Learning to say "blue" with Uncle Mark
  • Playing with Uncle Michael's doggies
  • Going "wheee" into Uncle Jimmy's truck
  • Riding in the wagon with Caroline
  • Sitting on my stool next to Mimi in her chair
  • Playing with Aunt Malou and waking her up from a nap at the end of the day by saying "hi" over and over again.
  • Going to the park and making friends and chasing squirrels ("curls")

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ma Ma's Little Helper

C has been all about going on adventures with mom and being a "helper". Recently we have tried the Easton Childrens' Museum and the library's monthly music Saturday morning, which was a huge hit. He now claps if we say "library" or "church" because he likes the music. As far as helping, he loves to "dump" things...whether its coffee into the coffee maker, or any ingredient into a "bowl". Every time we wipe his hands he insists on throwing the paper towel in the "trash". He loves to help with the "laundry"...which includes him handing me each item of clothing and eventually dumping the basket. He folds by putting the piece on the couch, and then patting it a couple of times. The last time we came home from the grocery store he went across the kitchen, handing things to either M or I to put in the cabinet or refrigerator. If I am running an errand, he wants to come. He will take his "shoes" and Ma Ma's shoes out and look at me like, "come on, let's go."

He was very good last week when Dad had to make a dissertation over night trip. Dad brought him back a dinosaur, which C loves to hug.