Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Despite it being an unusually warm 80 degrees, we treated this weekend like it was really October and went to the Pumpkin Farm. Ma Ma and C got ready the day before by making construction paper apple trees. C loves to pick 0ut his own pumpkin, ride the tractor, and get up close and personal to the animals. He crouches down right to there faces and then shouts, "HI BILLY GOAT! HI SHEEP!" Possibly the funniest thing that he saw was a pig digging a hole in the dirt with his snout, and then taking a bath, only to roll in the dirt right afterwards.

When C was getting in the car with Da Da, the our pumpkin managed to roll out of the car and pretty far down a hill back into the farm. The pumpkin survived without too much damage, and C thought it was hysterical.

Now we need to figure out what C is going to be for Halloween!