Monday, January 31, 2011

Snowed In and Silly

With the bazillion inches of snow that we got last week, it is all a shoveling and stuck-in-the-house blur. Since C had a little fever while fighting off a cold, he was home from Wednesday through this morning. Luckily he is feeling much better and he has been a totally silly goose. Whether is it playing with dad's crutches, having a coffee date with mom, or making a food sculpture on top of this cup, he has been a big joker. There are the occasional times where he will say "uh oh" like he knows he shouldn't be doing what he's doing...but he does it anyway! One of his favorite things to do at night is to look outside for the "moooon". I gave C a hard time the other say because he got up so early that we got to look at the "moon" then. He is also a lot more into Sesame Street and Elmo (as evidenced by the remote control hiding in my sweatshirt pocket!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nurse Megan

It has been a tough couple of days at our house. Late Saturday night, after our friends left from having dinner at our house, we realized that our heat wasn't kicking on. Which is a problem considering it was the night before the coldest day of the year. M called the oil company and got instructions of how to fix it, which involved taking really large buckets of water outside to dump. Well, on his first trip outside, he slipped on some ice and badly sprained his ankle. Our amazing friend took M to the ER during the wee hours of the morning so I could stay home with C. These photos show C and I the next morning at the pharmacy picking up M's medications and then playing with the big boot yesterday. I particularly like these photos because it was really hard to get his boots through the cart. Also, the photo that looks like he is looking through the Valentine candy thinking "What should I get my mom?" Not really. There were some humongous teddy bears on top that he was saying "hi" to. He was such a good sport.

Further complicating things is that C is fighting a cold and was sent home from daycare with a fever. So now we are all home today.

We are so grateful that M isn't more seriously broken bones or landing on his head. And it is a good reminder at how much he does for care pick up and drop offs, shoveling snow, staying home with C on Wednesdays, and taking care of C each day. I've been a little crazed trying to do all these things. Too bad Mother Nature isn't cooperating and plans to send a foot of snow tomorrow!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

C has been both absolutely wild and incredible cuddly. Throwing food, sneaking into the closet and playing with clothes...he knows exactly what he shouldn't be doing, gives us a sly look and then with a sudden burst of energy, does exactly that!

On the other hand, he has been giving lots of "big hugs"- the kind that are really tight and clingy. Sometimes he will do big hug tackles, running his full speed at us and then just hugs. He likes to pull my hair on each side and do "pretty" (which of course, ironically, makes me look very unpretty.) He has also figured out how to blow kisses, which is very cute.

File this under "how does this happen?" I am on the train coming home from work when I get a text from M saying that he has picked up C from daycare but he has no coat. "What?!?" is my text back? Keep in mind that we are expecting 8 inches of snow tomorrow morning. Clearly a parent grabbed C's jacket by accident, because there was one jacket left when M got to day care, and it is the same color. But that is what makes this even crazier...its not like looking for black suit case at the airport...its bright orange! Oh well, thank goodness that Grandpa got C a pea coat for Christmas.

Friday, January 7, 2011

10 Favorite Things About Holidays in Connecticut

1. Dancing to fire doggie's song "Ring of Fire".

2. Saying "Elmo" all on my own and surprising everyone.

3. Playing football with Uncle Bren (I didn't even have to get out of the lazy boy chair, he would throw it right to me!)

4. Playing in the snow with Ma Ma and Ba Ba.

5. Throwing my new blocks.

6. Playing at the library (but NOT leaving).

7. Building towers with old blocks.

8. Reading the Elmo hokey pokey book with Aunt Kate.

9. Having a special dinner with Great Great Aunt Rita (I dressed up for the occasion).

10. Playing with the special bean bag manger set that my mom used to play with when she was little!

10 Favorite Things About Holidays in New Orleans

1. Giving my dad his birthday present...the book that I made him...and a card with doggies on it. I hugged my dad, and the card.

2. Playing with Uncle Mark's dog.

3. Eating shrimp at Mimi's house.

4. "Rock" "rock" in the little rocking chair.

5. Riding the boat with Uncle Michael.

6. Dancing to "Low Rider" with my cousins.

7. Having my first beignets with Aunt Malou, Uncle Jimmy, and Mimi.

8. Going "outside-y" and sitting in the red dunebuggy.

9. Seeing Christmas decorations at the fancy hotel.

10. Watching Sesame Street in the big chair with Mimi.