Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

Our March Madness is that we can't believe that the month has gone by so fast! Here are some fun things that we have been up to:

M was sick on my birthday, but C and I still managed to celebrate. C inhaled an Elmo cupcake. The next day we went to the Children's Discovery Museum which C LOVED! He loved every room...the trains, balls, water table, animals, boats, kitchen... But he also knew when to take a break. After running around the museum for almost 90 minutes, we just grabbed a monkey book from the jungle room and just sat down to read. It didn't bother him that kids kept running circles behind him.

He is now obsessed with "a BeeCH". He loves to take off down the sand and look at the seagulls and the ducks. Summer can't come fast enough.

Today we watched some of the St. Patrick's Day parade on TV...we loved to jump up and down with the Irish step dancers and look at the firetrucks.

Last night was one of the largest full moons in years. Since he loves the moon, we wrapped him up in a blanket and let him take a peak.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ba Ba

We had a great visit with Aunt Kate or "An Ka" and then a special trip to CT for Ba Ba's 60th birthday party. C practiced the "happy birthday" song all week, and was able to say "Ba Ba on cue all evening. (Of course now that I am trying to get him ready for my birthday and say "Ma Ma" he looks at me like I am crazy ans just says "Ba Ba" in a louder and louder voice!) C liked trying on Aunt Kate's boots, having a sleep over, and taking car rides. Who knew that Uncle Bren would be such a good narrator for C's new favorite book, "Ten in the Bed"? As you can see from the photos, C was such a party animal at the party that it was hard for him to sit still for a photo.