Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elephant Ride and Fire Truck Tours

If you asked C what he did this weekend, he would tell you that he went on a fire truck and rode an elephant, and he would be right! We went to a family festival and on the way there was a firehouse that let the kids get on the trucks. Then at the festival they were giving "elephant rides" on a what looks like a giant old stuffed animal on wheels. There was a VERY long line for this ride, so C and his dad walked around, had slice of pizza, and listened to some folk music while Ma Ma waited in line. And finally it was C's "turn"! He wore a safari hat and held on tight. Notice that Da Da is wearing the fire hat...C insisted on that.

The fun continued on Sunday. I took C to the playground, and across the street, a middle-aged marching band was practicing on a football field. C thought the music...particularly the "tubas" and the "drums' were really good.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Even though he was a little under the weather, C did a great job showing his dad how much he loves him on Father's Day. This weekend we took C to a big boys barber shop where he was surprisingly patient, still, and quiet. He sat hugging his Ernie, enthralled in the conversations around him (most of them 20-somethings getting ready for an evening out before the Bruins parade!) Speaking of the Bruins, C did manage to find a T-shirt at the last minute for Bruins day at school. It must have been good luck!

We got a portrait taken of C in a special that his dad, uncle, and grandfather have all had their picture taken in. We can't wait to get the photos to share with our families. As a treat we got C some interlocking building blocks. He loves to build big towers and then exclaim, "Oh no" as he crashed them down.

Today we gave Da Da a "digger" card and some grilling tools. Da Da grilled a tasty chicken and I made an appetizer and dessert from a New Orleans cookbook.

We love Da Da!