Sunday, July 31, 2011

See You Ah Da Beach

C had a great couple of says that "da beach" with Ba Ba and Aunt Kate. He liked to go for walks with Ma Ma, go "up and down" in the pool with Da Da, go in the ocean with Aunt Kate, and play "shark" with Ba Ba in the pool. He had a fun time scaring Ba Ba and Aunt Kate with a crab leg....EWwww! This is the first time that C said the word "Grandpa"...he would say "Grandpa's room" but if you ask him who sleeps in Grandpa's room, he says "Ba Ba." C used the excuse "I'm too big" when he didn't want to go in the pool, but he always changed his mind once we all joined him. He hit the beach a 7:00 am (when all the other kids were "sleeping"). During the early morning when the beach was empty, he took his time collecting shells and rocks. At the end of the day when he was overtired and worn out, he relaxed by watching the "frog song" on the computer (Kermit singing "It's Not Easy Being Green").

He definitely liked being a beach boy. When we got back home, he would pick up his play phone and "call" people, saying, " Hi, see you ah da beach, bye bye."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th of July Down South

We had a great week long trip to New Orleans. C had a fun time swimming in "Aunt a Lou's" pool and playing with his cousins, particularly singing and dancing! He saw dad catch two little fish. We went blueberry picking, which C loved once he realized he could eat as he went along. He tried to dive into our stash as soon as we brought them home. We spent an afternoon at the Children's Museum, where he rode a bike, drove a police car, and spent the most time trying to serve us food in the "cafe". It was hysterical to see him have no fear, elbowing his way past 3rd and 4th graders to get his utensils into the serving trays. He cleared some of the adults' tables a little earlier than they were expecting. He was determined to serve us a pineapple on a plate, but it kept rolling off. He must have dropped it five times, but he did not give up...we eventually got that pineapple! C loves to be a Mimi's house. He loved riding his "car" on the sidewalk and going for walks. His new favorite game was hiding in Mimi's closet. We knew that C would miss his Mimi, so we brought home a special book that she recorded so we can hear her tell stories at our house. He loves the book, except he is surprised when she doesn't sing certain songs to him!