Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanting to Walk and Hang Out with the Ladies

C is really wanting to walk on his own. Which is exciting, but also like non-stop accident prevention for us. We are constantly on the look out for the frequent moments where he randomly lunges forward as if to say," hey, let's just take a step RIGHT NOW."

In other development, things have gotten serious with his daycare girlfriend. We have had numerous reports that they are best buddies, but up until today her parents didn't know about C. But when his little girlfriend (LG) was picked up, she went over and gave C a hug, and when she left, C bawled! Her mother realized that she forgot something, so a teacher held LG in the hallway while the mom came back in the playroom. C calmed down, thinking "my LG must be coming back in." But no. So he started crying again. His teachers agreed with us that this was the saddest but cutest thing ever.

So for now, he cries whenever the two ladies in his life leave the room: Mom and the girlfriend. I know that this won't last forever!

Friday, August 27, 2010

We Love Fridays

It has now been a month since I have had Fridays off from work and it is still amazing to me. I can't imagine taking it for granted. Each Friday has been spent doing extra special things...first a visit from Aunt Kate, then a picnic and swing playdate, then a visit from on our our littlest friends from Denver. Even little things like having pancakes for breakfast or taking extra walks have been so nice.

We are getting really excited for the birthday party next weekend. We gave C one of his presents early: a walker. He has been going crazy with it, particularly since he just figured out how to stand (briefly!) on his own. Look at the excitement on his face. When he runs down the hallway with it, he makes the sounds, "OOOooooooo"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trips and Parties

This is probably the biggest delay I have had in the blog for a awhile. July was a great month...week at the Cape, last week of work, week in New Orleans, week at new work. The only downside was that I dropped my camera in New Orleans and haven't gotten it fixed yet. I am putting it in the mail tomorrow, so it will be ready for the big 1st birthday. New Orleans was great...C loved the aquarium and swimming in the pool with "doggies" (he now says "doggie"..."Ma ma" doesn't even seem to be on the radar!) I am not sure if it is the age or if C got used to hanging out with Matt and I on these vacations, but he has become a bit fussy if one of us leaves the room now. What else is new...he discovered puzzles and all shorts of fun furniture that is his height at the local library, he loves "walking" /leaning down our hallways . He went to his second party this past weekend. And I can't wait until this Friday, it will be the first of our Fridays together now that I am on a 4 day work schedule. August is full of fun visitors, and then September is the big celebration month. What a great summer it has been!