Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and Santa!

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I was able to make an apple pie...I think the key was not committing to it ahead of time; I needed to make sure that I had the energy and that my hands weren't full running around after C. Now I have a good idea of how to make the pie even better next year.

When we were visiting Ba Ba, we went to a special brunch where C got to see Santa and build a Gingerbread House, or what he likes to call his "Candy House". He doesn't totally get Santa yet, but he is fascinated by him and is starting to ask us lots of questions. "Who da lady? (Mrs. Claus). He wants to know where Santa is right now. What he doing? He has a book where Santa's feet can be seen peeking out of a fireplace, so he knows that Santa goes down a fireplace (good thing we are moving into a house with a fireplace!). C likes looking at "Santa trees".

I have a feeling that we will be talking a lot about Santa between now and Christmas. At dinner last night when we told him that Santa brings presents, rather than just be excited, his eyes got really wide and he kept asking "Why? Why he bring presents?"

C was surprisingly focused on the candy-house making, although he definitely ate more candy than he used for decorating. I would say, "put one on the house" and then he would give us his sneaky face--the one that he usually does at bedtime when he asks for another book even though he knows that it is time to go to bed--and he says, "one for my mouth?"

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