Saturday, August 20, 2011

Museum, Aquarium, Rodeo, and Big Boy Bed

C has had a busy couple of weeks. I took him to the Boston Children's' Museum. Being a bargain shopper and someone that tries to make the most of my Fridays at home, I was determined to get into a museum on a free Friday. (We tried a smaller one a couple of weeks before and it was a disaster day for me...we never got it...even though C still thought it was "fun"). This time we got in and had a great time. The top photo was right after a much older kid soaked him at the water table. He really was shocked, but managed to smile moments later. The only downside of the day was that right as we were leaving, he tripped on his feet and fell on his face. It was only a small cut on his lip, but we still made a visit to their first aid room.

The next weekend he went with his Dad and our good friends to the New England Aquarium. He loved looking at the fish and splashing in the touch tank, but he didn't actually like touching the fish. He got a stamp on his hand at admission (and now at home he likes to put little pieces of masking tape on his hand and our hands so we all get stamps).

Yesterday his school had a little "rodeo" fair. Their were two ponies that you could ride, but C was not interested. He pet them but would not ride them. He preferred to rock out to the music and point out the two guitars, and follow around his little friend. M and I still managed to enjoy the rodeo even though we had a traumatic week with daycare. Through a big fluke (that will NEVER happen again), the playground gate wasn't locked properly, so C managed to walk out and follow the geese for a couple of steps. Having your kid make a break for it at school is not what you expect for an almost 2-year old!

Finally, after weeks in the making, we got C into his big boy Elmo bed. Every little step we did he noticed immediately. Big bed OUT! Big boy bed for C! Elmo bed! At M's great suggestion, we tried the bed during nap time today. It was a LONG 90 minutes of putting him down, closing the door, hearing the chaos ensue, and then putting him back down. We could hardly blame him, besides it being someplace new to sleep, this is the first time he had free reign of his room and access to a bookcase of his favorites. But I am amazed to say (and don't want to jinx it!) that C went down to bed almost immediately tonight. I had to risk it a take a photo!

It is funny to note that that he is sleeping next to his best buddy Ernie. At the "rodeo" one of his teachers asked me if there was someone in our family named something like "Arnie?" When I asked why, he said that when C gets upset at school he asks for Ma Ma, then Da Da, then Ernie. No wonder we are having a Sesame party this year!

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