Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy to You! The 2nd Birthday

Earlier this month we had a great time celebrating C's 2nd birthday. On his actual birthday, I brought in cupcakes to school. While all his little friends sang "Happy Birthday", C proceeded to eat his first of two cupcakes in ONE BREATH. Well, it might have been more than one breath, but the cupcake did not leave his mouth the whole time...he held it to his mouth and kept pushing it in!

That weekend we had a Sesame party at our house. C loved his cake, and ate Elmo at the party, and Bert later in the week. He gave Ernie to one of this little friends. C loved the balloons, presents, and especially all of the family and friends that came to celebrate. Mama and Dada gave him a big boy bike. He likes to tell us which way to go down the street, and gets a little frustrated with us when we suggest a different path!

After the party, C had a special week with his Mimi. He had such a good time with her here that he is already talking about when he gets to go to her house.

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